The Riverkeeper

I've known the River Wyre all my working life, having spent the previous fifteen years as a marine electrical engineer based in its estuary in Fleetwood. I came to Springfield through my love of country sports. I was asked by the previous river keeper to help eradicate pests in the house grounds and when he retired, after a lot of soul searching, I opted out of the "rat race" and stepped into his ancient waders. River keeping is certainly not a "job" - it's a distinct and sometimes hard way of life.

Maintaining the fishery's waters and clubhouse gardens is the general remit. However, this has to be balanced with the Water Bailiff's responsibilities - protecting stocked trout and migratory fish from two and (four legged) poachers, and often calling on the local constabulary.


The Housekeeper

I'm Rose, the cook and housekeeper. I have been at the club since March 2012. I look after the house and aim to provide wholesome, hearty and traditional food from locally sourced fresh ingredients all the year round.
Previously my working life has been more or less divided between cooking and training dressage horses and riders and combinations of the two both at home and abroad. Please don't forget that I am here 12 months of the year, not just during the fishing season! I am happy to organise anything from a cup of coffee to a six course dinner for twenty or anything in between.